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Press Review

Dr. Bausemer – Book “Courage to Live with Cancer”

In the “Healthy Life” supplement of the Mannheimer Morgen on Nov. 19th 2018, in the Medical Mirror on Nov. 21st 2018 and in the Schwetzinger Zeitung on Nov. 22nd 2018, there were published interviews of Dr. med. Olaf Bausemer to his book, which has been available since October 2nd 2018. Public interest in his book has been exceptionally high.

The mountains are calling ... (I)

... or the positive effect of the mountains on our immune system – Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer in an interview with Anja Viktoria Autenrieth at Rosis Sonnbergstuben on emotional and mental balance, inner peace and stability, quality of life, satisfaction and the positive health effects of the Alp mountain climate (Sommerpost Rosis Sonnbergstuben 2017).

Navigator for patients

As a tumor therapy advisor, Dr. Olaf Bausemer supports patients after a cancer diagnosis in the planning of their further life deciding the optimal treatment method (UBI Bene Juni 2017).

Winterpost Rosis Sonnbergstuben 2017

Moderator Anja Viktoria Autenrieth in an interview with Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer on the topic: happiness and satisfaction ...

A heartwarming story: Interview with Anja Viktoria Autenrieth

The moderator and producer Anja Viktoria Autenrieth in an interview with Dr. Olaf Bausemer and his wife Natalia. In this interview, they converse about their lives and work which they have in common with each other. What they learn from their patients about themselves and their personal lives, how they regain they’re strengths and what is important to them in life. Two people who live consciously and who appreciate the happiness of the moment.

Complementary Oncology: Luxury or meaningful supplement?

In the magazine UBI Bene issue from March 2016, this article by Dr. Olaf Bausemer “Complementary Oncology – Luxury or meaningful supplement?” In the fight against cancer only a meaningful combination of school and complementary medicine wins – more …

Restore the quality of life

The magazine “Gesund leben (Live healthy)” published in September 2014 reports on the alternative practitioner Olaf Bausemer and his holistic approach in the treatment of tumor patients – more ...

Side on side

The following article, published in the September 2014 edition of UBI Bene, reports on the close cooperation of Dr. Olaf Bausemer together with oncology specialized clinics and specialists – side by side in the fight against cancer – more ...

SOKO Kitzbuehel Golf Tournament – Golfing against breast cancer

Dr. Olaf Bausemer and celebrities from film, politics and sports swung the golf clubs for a good cause – more ... (“Gesund leben” November 2014)

The “Trademark” BAUSEMER

As a naturopathic doctor Dr. phil. Olaf Bausemer fought to the top of the therapists for biological cancer therapies. For 25 years, he has been leading his oncological focused practice in Mannheim with a high level of competence and sensibility (UBI Bene September 2013).

The mountains are calling ... (II)

Dr. Olaf Bausemer on the quality of life, contentment and the positive energy of the mountains (UBI Bene November 2012).

Dr. Olaf Bausemer on values, quality of life, visions ...

(UBI Bene Juni 2012)