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Dr. Olaf Bausemer lectures nationally and internationally on topics of oncology and immunology. Here he infuses his profound knowledge and experience since 1993 in the treatment of tumor patients with complementary cancer therapies. Numerous events in which Dr. Bausemer participates serve charitable purposes.

Images and Events

Book premiere of Dr. Olaf Bausemer “courage to live with cancer” on October 12th, 2018 in the Mannheim Music Park

On October 12th 2018 Dr. Olaf Bausemer, for the first time, presented his book “courage to live with cancer” to 120 invited guests from business, politics, medicine and culture as part of a stage show. The audience was extremely enthusiastic with the live presentation of the book, which was discussed in a dialogue between Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer, and stood out from a classical reading. During the autographing session of his book, which he presented to his guests as a gift, guests were able to celebrate this event with mild temperatures on the terrace.

Natalia, Dr. Olaf Bausemer and Lilo von Kiesenwetter

Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer stage show

Dr. Olaf Bausemer book signing

Goose’n’Rosi’s – End of season celebration on October 27th, 2018

In the traditional manner, the “Top Gourmet and Party Event” was celebrated on October 27th, 2018, to set the mood for the end of “Martin’s Goose” period and to mark the end of the season for Rosi’s Sonnbergstuben in Kitzbuehel – here some impressions ...

Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer

Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer together with Matthias and Hubert Fella

Rosi Schipflinger and Laszlo Maleczky

Rotary Amphitrite Mannheim visiting Dr. Olaf Bausemer

On Tuesday evening, October 17th, 2017 Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer invited Rotary Amphitrite club members to their complementary medical practice in Mannheim. In addition to a practice tour and very informative conversations on the subject of complementary medicine, Natalia and Olaf Bausemer surprised their guests with a catering service from Tommy Moebius and team (Lebensmittelpunkt Schwetzingen). The delicious snacks hit the spot and strengthened the well-being of their guests. The proceeds of the event went to the Rotary donation fund.

Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer

Neuroblastoma charity golf tournament in St. Leon-Rot

On July 15th 2017, the m:con charity golf tournament took place in favor of the Neuroblastoma Research Project of Prof. Schroten and Dr. med. Duerken of the University Medical Center Mannheim. Thanks to the generous support of sponsors, partners and participants, a record donation of 40,000 Euros was achieved this year. Also Dr. Olaf Bausemer and his wife Natalia were at the tee for this good cause.

Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer

BALL MASQUÉ 2017 on February 18th 2017 at the Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg

The BALL MASQUÉ is an annual fund-raising event, the proceeds of which benefited the children and youth workers of the Museum of Arts and Crafts this year. The Museum of Arts and Crafts (MK & G) in Hamburg is a special project to reach young people and promote education and mediation work. Jenny Falckenberg and Stefanie Stoltzenberg also asked for donations for the project “PILOT INCLUSION” at this year's Masquerade Ball with raffle tickets and an auction. As part of this nationwide project, modular offers have been developed since 2015 to encourage as many people as possible to participate in cultural activities. In addition to numerous celebrities, such as HP Baxter and Mousse T., Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer also traveled to Hamburg to support this charitable fund-raising event.

Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer

Hahnenkamm Kitzbuehel – Rosi’s Schnitzel Party on January 21st 2017

Many celebrities, including Andreas Gabalier, Sven Ottke, Adi Hengstberger, Gerald Unterberger, Yvonne and Armin Gander, Fritz Lackner and many more, enjoyed the legendary schnitzel at Rosi's Sonnbergstuben in Kitzbuehel on Saturday evening during the Kitzbühel World Cup race week. Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer were also invited and were able to enjoy this evening with many culinary and musical highlights in this illustrious round. It was amazing what Rosi, her son Fridel and his partner Anja understand when it comes to celebrating a schnitzel party. In addition to excellent food from Fridels Sonnbergstuben kitchen there was also plenty of entertainment. Rosi also didn’t miss the opportunity of giving several performances for the audience. It is clear that everyone present had a great time throughout the early hours of the morning. It was a fantastic and very entertaining evening!

Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer

Rosi Schipflinger and Andreas Gabalier

13th Almrauschparty Kitzbuehel 2016 in Rosi’s Sonnbergstuben

The popularity of the Almrauschparty in Kitzbuehel has grown steadily in recent years and its reputation now extends far beyond the borders of Tirol and Austria. This extravagant costume event is the start of a unique weekend and can probably be found only in Kitzbuehel. In the atmospheric Tyrolean mountains at 1364m altitude, many celebrities, scene connoisseurs, stars, starlets and all who would like to celebrate a noble traditional costume party come to celebrate with Kitzbuehel’s celebrity hostess Rosi Schipflinger. The Almrauschparty in Kitzbühel is and remains unique and absolutely incomparable!

Videos: Almrauschparty 2016 Rosi’s Sonnbergstuben | Interview Dr. Phil. Olaf Bausemer | Interview Natalia Bausemer | Interview Kay One | Interview Dr. Klaus Winkler

18th Golf charity gala‚ “swing for kids” in Heidelberg on May 1st 2016

For many years charity events have been organized in Germany, in which celebrities participate. This also includes the golf charity event of organizer Simone Schulze (S.I.M. Marketing Eppelheim). The two-day charity event “swing for kids” began on Sunday evening, May 1st 2016 with a gala in the Crowne Plaza City Center in Heidelberg and  was continued on Monday with the golf tournament at the GC Heddesheim Gut Neuzenhof. Before the dazzling gala evening began, numerous press representatives had the opportunity to photograph the incoming celebrities on the red carpet, whom of which included Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven and patron of this year's project Sonya Kraus.

Dr. Olaf, Natalia Bausemer and Philip G. Petry (radiologist)

Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven and Sonya Kraus

9th annual Russian caviar event on Dec. 18th, 2015 in Frankfurt

For the ninth time, the traditional annual Russian caviar event took place at the end of 2015. It is now one of the most exciting events in the Rhein-Main area and brings high-caliber representatives from politics, business and culture each year. The organizers – the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Frankfurt am Main, MK Verlag and the Association of Russian Business in Germany – welcomed more than 570 invited guests, including diplomats from over 50 countries and numerous German politicians. High-ranking personalities such as the State Secretary in the Hessen Ministry of Finance, Dr. Bernadette Weyland, the deputy SPD chairman Thorsten Schäfer-Guembel, the city council chairman Stephan Ziegler, the Prince Karl Emich zu Leiningen and the CDU politician Eberhardt Gienger were among the guests. Traditional and sociable, the celebrations continued with the famous MK house party, which featured the traditional cockroach race, the “Back in the USSR” lounge, a sushi bar and the roulette table of the Bad Homburg Casino, the Tea Room of Ronnefeldt, Cigar Lounge by Davidoff, and also an express beauty salon to the famous Rosenpark Clinic was provided. In addition, guests enjoyed the exquisite delicacies of Caviar House & Prunier and sparkling cocktails from the traditional brewery Bauer. With its evocative atmosphere, the 9th annual caviar event proved again to be a glorious event of the year.

Dr. Olaf and Natalia Bausemer – © Life IN, MK Verlag

Contessa Karin Sassoli de Bianchi de Medici and mother with Dr. Olaf and Natalia Bausemer – © Life IN, MK Verlag

Dr. phil. Olaf Bausemer: PINK CHARITY NIGHT 2015 in Munich in favor of Breast Cancer Germany e.V.

On April 30th, 2015 Breast Cancer Germany e.V. invited with this year’s 3rd PINK CHARITY NIGHT to a very special May dance. Dr. Olaf Bausemer from Mannheim was also a guest. Celebrating and doing good was the motto, a combination that proved very successful. Also the Mannheim naturopath Dr. Olaf Bausemer is fully aware of, appreciates and honors the untiring commitment of Renate Haidinger and her team, who is the initiator and chairman of the association in the fight against the disease. Also the ambassadors of this association have been supporting donations and publicity for many years. It was an honor to welcome Christina Stuermer, Andrea l’Arronge, Anna Maria Kaufmann and Patricia Kelly at the Pink Charity Night 2015. As Anna Maria Kaufmann said last year: “I have friends who had breast cancer. In order for the chances of recovery to become even better, further investment in research must be made. I’m happy to make my contribution.”

Natalia, Dr. Olaf Bausemer and Renate Haidinger

Golfing against breast cancer

Andrea l’Arronge called and everyone who had already been in the two previous tournaments in 2012 and 2013 came. The Soko golf family is growing together. No wonder, because here the laughter comes first. It is important and much more enjoyable to have fun while doing good. The reason of the tournament, whose donation proceeds were split in equal parts to Breast Cancer Germany e.V. and the Austrian Cancer Aid Tyrol, was made clear at the beginning of the evening. The message was clear: Breast cancer is curable if detected early.

The patroness of the tournament, district administrator Beate Palfrader, said in her warm welcome speech that Kitzbuehel has a lot of wonderful events to offer, but you can be especially proud of the Soko Kitzbuehel golf tournaments. It is important that there are people who are committed to something with heart and soul and praised Andrea l'Arronge: “Andrea l’Arronge makes an important contribution to the education and support of this event. She has managed to combine golfing with social commitment perfectly. My sincerest thanks for that!” And then she appealled to the guests: “Help them, be generous!”

The guests obviously took this to heart because it was a very successful event: The third Soko Kitzbuehel Golf Tournament 2014 gathered another 55,000 Euros (!). This is a result that can be seen.

In addition to high-quality raffle prizes that were auctioned, which included i.e. trips, golf club memberships, festival tickets, season tickets for the ski region Kitzbuehel, golf bags with equipment and other extremely attractive prizes, also a luxury trip to South Africa for 2 persons and – as in the two previous tournaments – a role in the TV series “Soko Kitzbuehel”. After the “Making Of” of the two previous winners of the film role from the previous year was shown, Dr. Olaf Bausemer presented his wife Natalia on the first wedding anniversary with the acquisition of a Soko film role. In his oncology focused practice in Mannheim Dr. Olaf Bausemer has been taking a holistic approach in the treatment of cancerous tumor patients for more than 20 years. For Andrea l’Arronge, after the exhausting preparations as the initiator of the tournament, and parallel to the “Soko Kitzbuehel” shoot, one thing was clear: “One has to accept the challenge of tackling the fight against cancer. What is important is what happens after the diagnosis and treatment.” It is her concern to convey the connection between conventional medicine and naturopathic treatment. To celebrate the event some of the celebrities from film, television, politics and sports also contributed.

Andreas Brehme and Natalia Bausemer

Monika and Rudi Sailer with Natalia and Dr. Olaf Bausemer

Andrea L’Arronge, Natalia Bausemer, Dirk Galuba, Charly Reichenwallner

Important Dates


from February 19th–22nd
The 34th German Cancer Congress takes place from February 19th–22nd 2020 in Berlin. The event is themed: “informative.innovative.integrative. Optimal supply for everyone!”

Book presentation “courage to live with cancer” in favor of the Leonardis Foundation

Friday March 1st 2019 from 7–9 pm
Speakers: Dr. phil. Olaf Bausemer and Natalia Bausemer
Location: Kitzbuehel Country Club, Reith b. Kitzbuehel

Premiere presentation of Dr. Bausemer’s book “Courage to live with cancer”

Friday, October 12th, 2018 from 7–10 pm
Speakers: Dr. phil. Olaf Bausemer and Natalia Bausemer
Location: Musikpark Mannheim

German Cancer Congress 2019 in Berlin

from February 21st–24th

The German Cancer Congress (DKK) is the largest and most important congress on cancer diagnostics and therapy in the German-speaking world. It is jointly organized by the German Cancer Society and the German Cancer Aid.