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Naturopathic & Conventional Medicine

Today modern cancer therapy is unimaginable without a holistic approach. About 80% of cancer patients want their cancer to be treated with conventional medicine such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy in combination with biological, natural healing measures.

The focus of our practice is on working very closely with cancer specialists and hospitals – an ideal combination of conventional medicine and naturopathic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Oncological Network BAUSEMER

For patients with cancer, this means that they have access to integrative oncology treatment. This combination of expertise enables our oncology patients to receive the maximum therapeutic benefit from conventional medicine and biological therapies.

Breast Center Weinheim

The Breast Center in Weinheim, Germany focuses on medical expertise, best possible care and individual support for its patients. Under the direction of Dr. med. Lelia Bauer the treatment of tumor patients, in addition to the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods, is also focused on comprehensive care and support in the treatment of cancer patients. In cooperation with our complementary oncology specialty practice, there are post-consultation hours on the complementary biological cancer therapies after Bausemer.

Haematologic-Oncologic Focused Practice Dr. med. T. LAHAYE

Through the networking with the cooperation partners of the Bausemer practice, it is the hematologic-oncological focused practice of Dr. med. Tanja Lahaye that makes it possible to create and carry out an individual therapy concept at the highest medical level for the patient.

The patient’s personal life situation and quality is taken into consideration. This ensures comprehensive local care throughout the course of the disease.

Leonardis Foundation

The Leonardis Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 on the basis of the legacy of Prof. Klaus Rennebeck. The foundation is dedicated to promoting research and medicine to strengthen health on the basis of integrating science and medicine.

The Leonardis Foundation supports research, education and therapy projects with the goal to promote health, prevent illness and support recovery. The focus is on strengthening individual and social resources to ward off pathogenic stress factors and to maintain the quality of life.

The Leonardis Foundation has set itself the goal of expanding the knowledge base of salutogenesis (Latin salus – health, Greek Genesis – origin) and therapeutically effective use. On the basis of a holistic, or total view of a human body and integrating medicine, the bridge between basic research, clinical research and practice is conquered. Findings from conventional medicine are supplemented with naturopathic measures - both in prevention and disease control. Dr. phil. Olaf Bausemer, as a member of the medical advisory board of the Leonardis Foundation, also applies and supports this method.