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Complementary Therapy

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As developments in oncology advance, biological therapies for cancer are growing in importance as complementary methods for established conventional medical treatment.

Components of Holistic Cancer Therapy

Like pieces in a puzzle, combining conventional and complementary medicine interact for treatment within a tumor therapy.

Components of Complementary Medicine

Health management, preventative measures, check-ups, immunology, complementary oncology and revitalization are building blocks supporting a cancer therapy.

Components of Complementary Cancer Therapy

Treatments that reinforce and mutually support traditional medicine. Oncology coaching accompanies patients and their family members throughout the stages of the therapy.


  • Immunodiagnostics, immune profile creation

  • Mineral nutrient analysis

  • Detection of vital circulating tumour cells

  • Inflammation diagnostics

  • Chemotherapy effectiveness testing

  • Intestinal flora analysis, colonic cleansing

Complementary Cancer Therapies

  • Whole body hyperthermia, immunostimulation with fever therapy

  • Local deep hyperthermia

  • Bausemer infusion therapy

  • Tumour inoculation, dendritic cells

  • Regelsberger intravenous oxygen therapy

  • Therapy with organ extracts

  • Phytotherapy

  • Enzyme therapy

Therapy Support Measures

  • Health management
  • Psychoimmunology
  • Psycho-oncological care
  • Laboratory monitoring
  • Palliative advisory care
  • Nutritional consulting for weight maintenance
  • Sports science consulting and training programmes
  • Revitalization programms
  • Oncology coaching