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The Team

The practice of Dr. Olaf Bausemer (Complementary Medicine) has had its focus on complementary oncology since its founding in 1993, and treated patients nationwide who are diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Bausemer’s practice team consists of professionals who provide continuous and comprehensive service for patients.

Dr. phil. Olaf Bausemer directs the practice in Mannheim that specializes in complementary oncological healing arts. He has been practicing complementary oncology in Mannheim since 1993. He is an internationally-renowned speaker on the topic of oncology and biological cancer therapies. He works closely with specialists and hospitals.

Karin Ruthardt, a complimentary oncologist and trained nurse, is second-in-command at Dr. Olaf Bausemer’s Mannheim practice. She coordinates the in-house BAUSEMER biological cancer therapy with the conventional medicine therapies carried out in the clinics. She contributes her specialist knowledge and her thoughtful and considerate manner in caring for her patients.

Elke Schmidt, a trained specialist nurse for oncology, is responsible for the practice’s infusion medicine department. She applies her expertise and her warm personality to the care of her patients during their local and whole body hyperthermia treatments.

Martina Wöhlke, a trained medical assistant with many years’ experience in offices and clinics, is in charge of infusion therapies as well as local and whole body hyperthermia. Our patients very much appreciate her calm and thoughtful manner.

Elisabeth Rupp, our accomplished office manager and receptionist, cares for her patients from the moment they first set foot in the practice with a loving way that is greatly appreciated. She’s also in charge of the practice’s smooth organization and coordination.

Natalia Bausemer, a state-examined graduate of business administration, is responsible for strategic marketing, marketing conception and implementation, and the construction of the practice’s oncological network. She expertly infuses her strengths in communication and marketing into the workings of the practice.